How to Repair Broken Pioneer HDJ-1000 Headphones

Many DJs and music enthusiasts have the Pioneer HDJ-1000 headphones. They are excellent DJing headphones and I have been using them for a few years now. Unfortunately due to the poor build quality the HDJ 1000s are prone to snapping above the ear cup, both my pair and a friends have snapped or cracked in the exact same place shown below.

The point where the break is most likely to happen.

The snapped HDJ-1000s

Mine snapped on both sides around a year ago and at the time I looked for a guide to help me fix them. There was one that I found very useful, but the photos were taken after the fix. So when a friends pair snapped, I decided to make a step by step guide to help out anyone else who might have found themselves with 150 quids worth of broken headphones.

Step 1.
Pick up some of this stuff:

Make sure it is the slow setting type, as this will allow you to make sure the three pieces are bonding correctly whilst drying.

Step 2.
Next you need the part you will use to bridge and strengthen the gap in the headphones.

Tin Snips and Computer Casing

I used a piece cut from a computer power supply, as this is easy to cut and bend into the right shape.

Step 3.
Now you need to measure and cut the part that you will use to strengthen the headphones. The measurements are shown in millimetres. Also make sure you cut the section you need longer than the measurements given. This will allow you to bend the part more easily.

Measurements for the bridging part

Step 4.

Cut, measured and marked.

Step 5.

Bending the part into shape

Step 6.

Checking angle against the headphones. It doesn't need to be exact, the glue will fill any gaps.

Step 7.

Cut, measured and bent into shape

Step 8.

Now cut off the excess material

Step 9.

File off the letter and roughen up the surface so the glue will make a good bond.


Step 10.

Mix the araldite and apply to the part and headphones

Step 11.

Glue generously applied to both sides of the break

Step 12.

Apply part to the glue

Step 13.

Do the best you can to support the headphones while they dry. Leave them for about 24 hours.

Step 14.
After the work is dry. Get back mixing!

All good for the radio show!

All good for Bass Orgy!

Rinse out approved at Discotech!

I hope this helps anyone who was in the same position as I was.

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I welcome any questions in the comment section.


6 responses to “How to Repair Broken Pioneer HDJ-1000 Headphones

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  2. Thanks for much for this info. Good work mate!

  3. Gavin Dettmer

    Sweet dude – I borrowed a friend’s pair and broke them putting them on, exactly where you describe – after seeing this I realised it was not my clumsiness. Just went through your motions and am feeling confident on the repair – great instructions, thank you.
    Regards Gavin
    Cape Town, South Africa

  4. Gavin Dettmer

    PS. I used a silver plastic dvd case (PS2 game) as the material to brace – it was flexible enough to bend and keep the angle, without cracking

  5. Nice work, I’m actually going to do this before they even break because I’ve been reading everywhere that eventually that day is gona come.


    I would advise anybody trying this to figure out how you will support the headphones before you apply the glue; I found this more tricky than anticipated which became a bit messy with glue on the scene.

    Having a friend help out is also a good idea, the extra pair of hands can come in handy whilst holding it in position.

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